My hair is out of control, it’s not the longest …. but 

Maybe  can cut it this short?

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  1. moustache-conversationalist said: ooh, i love your hair~ (it’s kind of like mine, but curly, which makes it better…) it would be super cute short, though! adflshfadiuf i love it omg hair’s just so great :3
  2. coeurgryffondor said: I have days where I think about cutting mine short but then I wonder if I cut it short, will it then have free range to be even more wild and annoying?
  3. caffinatedstory said: I think you’d look gorgeous with short hair
  4. cccrystalclear said: Aw you would look so cute with short hair x3
  5. flandar said: it’d look very cute short. :D
  6. herakleskarpusi said: oh man, your hair is so shiny and pretty! *u *
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